Monday, May 3, 2010


I'm currently reading a fabulous book by Martin Lindstrom about neuromarketing, why we respond to things the way we do, what drives our purchasing decisions...

The fascinating thing is that it really isn't just about buying things or not buying things.

I had this realisation once, as I was walking along a beach, that I really wasn't just walking along this beach in this moment; I was, on some level, re-living every beach I've ever walked along! 

We are made up of all the hundreds of millions of moments that occur in our lives. We are all of that, all rolled in to this moment. Sure, some things are going to have to slip through the net - we couldn't possibly retain all the useless information that washes through us every day. But still, we are the sum total of every moment of our lives...

buy-ology then? A fascinating read.

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  1. The 'Objects in space' logic: that things are always something but in the same way they are also all the things that each individual imbues onto them.