Sunday, December 27, 2009

Back to posting...and emailing

I have not posted anything in a while...too long a while...and now I'm going "right - time to get back in to things that I want and need to do and would like to keep up with that I've ignored over the recent crazy months. Like writing emails to people. Keeping properly in touch. I used to do that such a lot and I've really let all these wonderful contacts in my world slide away into the corners of my mind. And I think of them. Oh I think of them frequently. And I love them. But I haven't been making or finding the time and space and energy to do it.

So after this - which I guess is almost like a little email to the world isn't it - well, the world wide web and any random person who happens to come across my grain of sand contribution to it - I might just go and start doing that emailing business...

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